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    Permanent Team Leaders of Elite during war time.


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    Permanent Team Leaders of Elite during war time.

    Post  MoneyPls on Sun May 23, 2010 10:15 am

    These ppl mentioned here will from now onwards be the perma team leaders of every war based on attendence for the past week.

    1: Endiness

    2: Hudzaifil (V.Leader Lenz)

    3: kpdiemaussie

    4: MrFrost (V.Leader Merrit)

    5: Exorcist

    6: illicitvi3t (V.Leader Beastman)

    7: slash (V.Leader QiuFeng)

    8: Dev (V.Leader Divineblade)

    Being team leaders is not an easy task. All of u ppl here are given responsibilities. I want each of u team leaders to choose 1 other person whom u think is good enough to be ur team's vice leader. So in case u urself cant turn up, ur vice leader will handle ur team for u. Reply a post to this thread letting me know whom u have selected, so we can monitor them for u too.

    Special note : As u know, the city war rewards are mainly given to Elders of the guild and above to receive the general jade which is used to xchange for special gemmed costum at imperial city. So for those team leaders whom i have selected here who are currently not an Elder or V.Leader, you will be next in line when we do a turnover for the Elders position. As for those Team leaders who are already an Elder and above rank, the vice leader u chose for ur team will be the 1 who will be placed next in line for the Elder position when we do a turnover. Keep in mind that it doesnt mean once u're selected now, u can just slack and not put in effort. If we find that you are not doing a good job, we will remove u of ur position without hesitation.

    Duties of a Team leader :

    1) Be online at least 45 mins b4 war starts. Repeated offenders of more than 3 times will be stripped off ur position immediately. (special cases exceptional handling by me)

    2) Manage your team and know what to do in war. Listen to commanding officer of the day for instructions. Make sure if your team member has a question, ask them to ask in team chat and u rely it to the guild chat. I'm trying to make the guild chat spam free during war times for easier communications. ( will be considering to get skype/vent for communicating during city wars )

    3) Make sure after every war, you put in an effort to post up ur team member list in the forums.

    4) If there is any problems that caused u having difficulty attending for war, send me a mail in game so i can take note of it. I WILL NOT accept any1 telling me in guild chat. Reason being sometimes guild chat jumps too fast and i may missed it.

    5) If u come in late for war unexpectedly due to some last minute stuffs, drop me a mail in game and let me know the reason. If u know u will be coming in late the day b4 war, let your vice leader know and drop me a mail to inform me abt it.

    Currently, there will be no perma team members cos attendence is always irregular. Until we can get the hang of the buddy system, then we will work out the perma team members.

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    Re: Permanent Team Leaders of Elite during war time.

    Post  illicitvi3t on Mon May 24, 2010 1:22 am


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    Re: Permanent Team Leaders of Elite during war time.

    Post  slash on Mon May 24, 2010 10:17 am

    i chose uncle qiufeng as my vlead team . .

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    Re: Permanent Team Leaders of Elite during war time.

    Post  FreedoM-DestinY on Tue May 25, 2010 8:17 pm

    I choose Lenz as my Vice Leader

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    Re: Permanent Team Leaders of Elite during war time.

    Post  MrFrost on Fri Jun 04, 2010 3:40 pm

    IsisSlayer is new team V. Leader

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    Re: Permanent Team Leaders of Elite during war time.

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